Our Mission is to provide, promote and develop football, football related and community activities to local people, groups, schools, clubs and organisations.


Our Scope We address the many different needs and ambitions within our community and sectors of the world of football; playing football, supporting football, coaching football, officiating football, supporting matchday, providing football facilities, hosting football events, socialising around football, football communications and football media.


Our People share common values but have many diverse interests and ambitions. From club directors to fans, from players to staff, from volunteers to coaches we all adopt the club’s core values.


Our values

Equality & Diversity - Carshalton Athletic is first and foremost a community club, here to serve people of every age, race, gender, creed and background.


Quality and Excellence - We aim to exceed the expectations of those who use our services by delivering high quality in everything we do. At every level within the club, both on and off the pitch there are programs in place to review our performance, encourage feedback from customers and strive to improve.


Kindness, tolerance and understanding – Football is a passionate game, but we do not accept that it is incompatible with good behaviour both on and off the pitch. We insist that participants, spectators and officials meet our high standards of conduct.

  • Enjoy Football

  • Positive, Attacking, Entertaining

  • Skill, Passion, Committment

  • Sportsmanship, Fair Play

About Our Football

pure football

Is our club motto

Football Development Roadmap

Carshalton Athletic - who we are

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In addition to our own football teams we also provide facilities and services to the local community and beyond. For more information on our venue hire, charitable and event hosting services please visit one of the following web sites.

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